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Post by MotherRussia on Fri Jun 03, 2011 9:00 pm

+Rules for Forum+
1. No Spamming, do it only in the correct place!
2. KEEP IT PG-13!Fan fictions: If it IS rated over PG-13 please post it on FanFiction.net and link it back, please let other's know the rating! Images: No nudity or sexual activities may be portrayed. Video: If it's age required on the site it's from, it is here (unless it's the Hetalia Episodes from Youtube which say they are rated M when really they are not)
3. No cussing please, there are people who don't like that, and i'd be happy if you kept it to a minimum.
4. No sexual activity maybe discussed on any topic, this s a shared site and i would appriciate it if it wasn't banned for sexual crap no matter how good it is >.<
5. No selling things for profit, please do it somewhere else >.>
6. Absloutly NO Bashing. No making fun of people for their hobbies, dissing other people, no telling someone their are stupid or weird for pairings, photos, video's, or opinions. Anime is about expressing yourself and not having to worry about others putting you down for it.
7. Do not constantly PM the Admin or Moderator's for things. Please post itin the Question section, unless it is seriously private.
8. Have fun ^^


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