Arth-- That's Captain Kirkland to you!! !~Approved~!

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Arth-- That's Captain Kirkland to you!! !~Approved~! Empty Arth-- That's Captain Kirkland to you!! !~Approved~!

Post by Brits_n_Yanks on Sun Jun 05, 2011 1:16 am

Ah... The beauty of working on something I can't copy/paste on, eh, Chibitalia?

Nation: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland... or England
Real Name: Arthur Ignatius Kirkland
Location: Europe
Age: 23
Any friends/relationships: America ;], Russia, China, France, Japan, Canada
Any enemies/foes: The Axis-ish... not really anymore. Middle East. France sometimes
Group: The Allied Powers; European Union; United Nations

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