Feli's Bio ;D !~Approved~!

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Feli's Bio ;D !~Approved~! Empty Feli's Bio ;D !~Approved~!

Post by FelicianoVargas on Sun Jun 05, 2011 9:56 pm

>u> Following the rules I posted.

Nation: Italia! xD
Real name (ex. Alfred Jones) : Feliciano Vargas
Location (ex. Asia) : Europe
Age (in human years) : Country Age: Old. Feliciano's Age: 20
Any friends/relationships : Japan, Romano, France, PRUSSIA, Spain, Austria, Hungary, Holy Rome, and Holy Roman Empire are his buddies. Germany is his lover. <3 (YAOI OBSESSED FANGIRL! XD)
Any enemies/foes : Italy doesn't hate anyone! Ve~!
Group (if in one; ex. Axis powers) : Axis


Approved~ Very Happy

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