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RP Characters Info and Bio template  Empty RP Characters Info and Bio template

Post by FelicianoVargas on Fri Jun 03, 2011 11:47 pm

RP characters may either be OCs or characters from Hetalia in this section. You can have ONE actual character from Hetalia, IF the character is not taken. Post a new thread and give your info or character from the anime.
You must be approved to use your character.
RP Rules:
1) General Forum rules of this site apply.
2) No God-modding.
3) If you read this, post "Chibitalia" in your thread with your bio/character.
4) Try not to be too OOC.
6) Try not to use terrible "text-talk" or grammar.

Character Template
Real name (ex. Alfred Jones) :
Location (ex. Asia) :
Age (in human years) :
Any friends/relationships :
Any enemies/foes :
Group (if in one; ex. Axis powers) :
Fill this out! read rules as well!!
Please no multiple's of countries, there are PLENTY of countries in the world.
OC's accepted (ex. Chile, Peru ect.)

Hetalia Characters Taken:
Italy Veneziano (North): FelicianoVargas
Russia: MotherRussia
Canada: Maple
England: Brits_n_Yanks
America: BurgerLover74
Japan: Japan
Germany: Germany

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