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PROGRESS (Please Read) Empty PROGRESS (Please Read)

Post by FelicianoVargas on Tue Jun 28, 2011 4:03 pm

I will admit, we have been making Progress. I believe we have 9 members, with 2 who have not signed up for RP. Here's our members list:
MotherRussia - Russia
FelicianoVargas - Italy
Germany - Germany
Japan - Japan
Maple - Canada
Brits_n_Yanks - England
BurgerLover74 - America
LovinoVargas - None
Britain - None

One thing I hope to work on is getting more members. I'm going to put up some stuff on deviantart, as well as get other people to join. If anyone else can help, PLEASE let us know and start spreading the word. :3 Alrigght, that's all for now!


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