Ted + Teto's Trick and Treat

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Ted or Teto?

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Ted + Teto's Trick and Treat

Post by MotherRussia on Mon Jun 06, 2011 5:28 pm

This song's amazing =3= t's even better that Ted sound's freakin' creepy :3


Teto Kasane - Dark pink haired vocaloid wth two big swirly pony tail's in her hair. Dresses like Miku but with a dark pink trim. She's an Utau and is consitered close to other Vocaloids.
Ted Kasane - The male verson of Teto. Has one long pony tail with a large curl (like teto's pony tails) at te end of it. He wears glasses and is mostly seen in a uniform type cloth, with the same colors as Teto.

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