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For those of you who don't know Emergency was a 1970's tv show about two firemen-peramedics named Roy DeSoto and John Gage.

((mods if you dont like this story just say so and I'll delete it.))

America (aka Alfred F. Jones) was racing to a world meeting hoping that Germany would not be too mad at him for being late. He was just three blocks away from the meeting place when there was a screeching of brakes and then darkness.


At the meeting place the other countries were waiting for the self proclaimed hero to make his "grand" entrance. England was fighting with France and most of the other countries were looking on in interest or disgust depending on how you looked at it. 

"Where is that bloody America!" England yelled. "One would think that he would be the first one here!"

"Calm down England." said France. "Remember what ze doctor zaid."

England turned to face France. "I am bloody well aware of what the bloody doctor said France!" 

This went on for almost an hour and still America was not there.
Germany was getting angrier and angrier. Italy was just sitting at his chair eating his pasta. 

Unbeknownst to the rest of the world America was trapped in his car just out side of station 51.


Captain Hank Stanly had just finished roll call and chore assignments when he heard a loud crash right outside the station. As his crew ran to see what the noise was and if their assistance was needed Hank radioed dispatch. "LA station 51 we have a silent alarm in front of our station."  "10-4 51 do you need back up?"   "That is unknown to us at this time."  "10-4 51" after he hung up with dispatch Hank went over to where his men were trying to get an unconscious man out of his car. John and Roy were working on the driver of the other car, a woman who looked to be in the late stages of pregnancy. "LA station 51 respond an additional squad to our location." "10-4 51" Hank didn't even stop to listen to what squad was being sent to help them as he ran over to where his paramedics were. "How is she Johnny?" "Not to good cap, she's having some pretty heavy contractions." "Roy why don't you go check on our other driver,I'll  help John over here."  "ok cap." as Roy was going over to the other car they had managed to open the door wide enough that Roy could get a set of vitals from him. Marco had already set up communications with Rampart and was waiting for Roy and John to give him the vitals of their patients.

At the hospital Dr. Bracket was also waiting for the vitals.
From what Marco had told him both victims were pretty critical but his main consern was the mother and child. As he was telling two nurses to get two treatment rooms ready the call came that the male victim was just freed from the car. After that it was simply a matter of giving and following orders and both victims were brought in to rampart.


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